Catholic Schools

The Vocations Office is priveledged to support the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Pueblo.
The events we offer include classroom visits, clergy versus students sports events, and videos.

May God raise up healthy vocations to the priesthood, to holy married life,
to holy single life, and to religious life from our Catholic Schools!
Holy Family. Grand Junction, CO

St. Columba. Durango, CO

St. John Neumann. Pueblo, CO

St. Therese. Pueblo, CO

Pope John Paul II Academy. Montrose, CO
Sister Maria Amata
Alumni of The Shrine of St. Therese Catholic School
Sr. Maria Amata has embraced her vocation, her call from God, to be a religious sister.  Her community of sisters is called the Religious Sisters of Mercy, based out of Alma, MI. Please keep her in your prayers! The Diocese of Pueblo is very proud of her!

First Profession
Letter to Bishop Berg
Lip Dubs
These students can sing and dance!!
The lip dubs give students at the catholic schools a chance to show of different talents!  It's always a good time and hopefully an engaging way to help the students consider their call. Keep an eye out for vocations hints in the videos!!!

Saint John Newman Catholic School Lip Dub 2018