Helping you hear and answer God's call!
What is Discernment?
​​"How am I called to love?" This is one of the first questions that a person who is discerning should ask. 

Discernment is to enter into a search so as to be lead by the holy spirit and the Church and eventually arrive at a solid understanding of and faith in God's plan for your life.  Simply put, to discern is to allow the Holy Spirit to make a very big desicion that will impact your life, your relationship with God, and others around you in a tremendous way!

The four primary vocations that a persons discernment will lead them to are:
Relgious Life, Single Life, Priesthood, or Married Life. 

​The Vocation Director and Office are here to help: 

Working with any person in the Diocese of Pueblo who is discerning their vocation. 

Fr. Carl, the vocation director, has 3 years of priesthood experience, 2 years working in the vocations field, a certificate in Seminary Formation- March 2019, frequent communication with relgious sisters, and a joy for living out his vocation and helping others find and live theirs.

He is readily available via call or text or e-mail or social media.
719-680-1971 or [email protected] or @frcwert 

On Vocations
  1. You are called, Jesus invites you personally to place your life in the hands of a loving Father, and to live a holy, committed life in his gentle service.

    Bishop Stephen Berg

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